I’m Bill Collier … The Numbers Guy TM.

I work with companies and organizations who want to grow profitably and create a winning culture.

“The Numbers Guy” refers to my knack for:

  • Explaining business numbers & financials in a simple, easy-to-understand way.
  • Finding innovative ways to measure targets, goals, behaviors, activities and most other things business owners want to track.
  • Talking about the story behind the numbers, which requires looking beyond reports and raw data.

I’m not an accountant, CPA, CFO or financial planner. I’m a business owner who learned over the years that you can’t rely on others to analyze and interpret your numbers and financials for you – you must gain comfort and skill in this critical area.

My services …

  • Coaching & Strategic Planning
  • Business / Financial Literacy Training
  • Authorized coach for The Great Game of BusinessTM
  • Business Success RoundtablesTM: Peer Advisory Groups