Financial Literacy Training

Financial Literacy + Engaged Employees = Improved Financial Results

openbookFinance, accounting and money – these make up the language of business. Knowing how your organization makes money, having a working knowledge of financial statements, and being conversant with financial terms are all necessary skills for effective business management, regardless of the organization’s type or size. I can help you more comfortable with financial concepts and help you use financial information to make informed decisions.

Financial transparency is about knowing the score, which is a good start. But financial literacy is about understanding the score. We can give your leadership team and your rank-and-file staff the skills they need to help your business succeed – to know, understand and actually change the score.

We periodically offer financial literacy seminars and workshops in and around the St. Louis metro area as public, open-enrollment format. We also bring our training to you, inside your organization.

These workshops:

  • are interactive to maintain interest from start to finish
  • use easily-understood examples
  • are not dry and boring … we actually have some fun!
  • are conducted from a real-world, nuts-and-bolts level. No accountant-speak!



Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Full Day Workshop for Managers, Supervisors & Business Leaders
in any size organization … including non-profit

An introductory financial literacy class. Covers basic business finance and the 3 main financial statements.

At the end of this class you will be able to:

  • identify, read and use the 3 main financial statements: Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • explain how the 3 main statements impact each other
  • focus on the numbers that really matter in reports and on financial statements
  • explain the difference between profit and cash
  • identify the difference between data and information
  • present reports and plans in solid financial terms
  • use ratios, benchmarking and other approaches to analyze financial results in various ways
  • create a “dashboard” for your operation using a mix of financial and operational key performance indicators


Know Your Numbers
Full-Day Workshop for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Managers

Business owners work hard, hoping their efforts will eventually lead to wealth or financial freedom. But it takes more than hard work. It takes knowledge and a laser focus on the necessary numbers that keep you headed in the right direction.

  • The 13 most important financial numbers & ratios
  • How to find, calculate and use them to improve your business
  • Bring your financial statements – Compare your numbers to your own industry’s benchmarks!
  • Includes a workbook

workshop6This is more than a seminar … it’s a workshop. Bring your last two year’s financials (income statement and balance sheet) and a calculator, and come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

We’ll walk you through the most important numbers on the income statement and on the balance sheet … what each one means to your business, impact on cash flow and more.

As you calculate your ratios and numbers, you’ll compare your results to your industry benchmarks and see how you stack up.

You will return to your business with a new-found confidence to read your financial statements, calculate how efficiently your workforce is being utilized, and analyze your overall business health.

Don’t delegate or ignore the most important part of your business. Learn these skills and use them to become one of the top companies in your market.


Custom Financial Training for Management Teams using your own financial statements

We will custom-tailor a half-day, full-day or two-day session for your leadership team, using your own financial statements. Some of the work we can do:

  • Assess your team’s current level of comfort and knowledge of your financials
  • Step them through the Balance Sheet and P&L in a common-sense, easily understood way to get the entire team up to speed
  • Help you build an annual budget/financial plan that has your team’s  input and buy-in
  • Create a “scoreboard”, “dashboard” or “Mission Control Center” for your business, with the right metrics, targets and more. (I like the word “scoreboard” but you get the idea. You can call it whatever you prefer.)
  • Create “training bites” (quick lessons that take 10-30 minutes each) you can use on an ongoing basis after our initial session to continue to build financial literacy throughout your organization
  • This training can be conducted at your office or your next off-site management meeting or retreat


Bill has conducted financial literacy training for literally thousands of business owners, managers and front-line employees. His approach is common sense and straightforward, and the information is presented in a way and at a level that anyone can grasp.

Front-line and non-financial staff will finally understand the numbers of the business. Even senior executives will have “ah-ha” moments and will gain valuable take-aways they can immediately begin using.

Some feedback from just a few past participants:

     “The look inside the numbers was great. It was presented in a very understandable format.”

     “It finally explains the numbers from my own financials!”

     “It helped me understand ratios and the Critical Numbers I should be looking at in my business. And, it helped me see how to build a scorecard for my company.”

     “I’ve struggled with understanding my own financials. Bill is the first person who has explained my financials in a way that I can actually apply it.”



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