Business Success Roundtables

Peer Advisory Groups in the St. Louis metro area 

What are Business Success Roundtables™? 

Each Roundtable is a confidential group of leaders from non-competing small to mid-sized businesses that meets regularly to share and gain practical knowledge and advice on the challenges and opportunities unique to business leaders – acting as an informal, confidential board of advisers to their membership. This is not a sales lead group.

Why join a Business Success Roundtable™?

  • A Group of Peers: Being an entrepreneur is a unique choice. Not everyone will understand your issues and challenges, but your fellow entrepreneurs do. Joining a group of your peers can provide a welcome source of encouragement, learning, and inspiration
  • Be Held Accountable for Success: Business Success Roundtable™ members hold each other accountable for setting goals and implementing plans.
  • Planning and Execution: The group has a structure for creating your annual plan and accountability for following through to execution.
  • Sounding Board: Try out your ideas out on your group, gain honest feedback, validate your strategies, build your business vision and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Work ON your business: A monthly opportunity to get out of the day-to-day activity and re-focus on your goals and plans.
  • Unique Learning Experiences: Educational content geared specifically to help your organization succeed.
  • Coaching: Your Business Success Roundtable facilitator provides coaching and advice at every meeting.

Our Mission:
To help members’ businesses grow profitably through education, advice and accountability.

How we do it:

  • Monthly half-day meeting
  • Online scoreboard & accountability report
  • Member camaraderie, feedback & advice
  • Tools, examples & guidance
  • Annual Planning Retreat
  • Guest experts

Who is eligible?
Business Success Roundtables™ are open to owners, CEOs and other key managers of privately-held small to mid-sized businesses in the greater St. Louis region.

What is required of members?

  • Because active participation at meetings is critical to Roundtable success, members must make every effort to attend all monthly meetings.
  • Take an active interest in your fellow members and their businesses. Engage in discussions, celebrate their progress and success, and help solve their issues. In other words, give as much as or more than you take.
  • You must hold all conversations about members and their businesses in strict confidence.
  • Don’t pressure your fellow members to buy your products and services. While you are free to do business with your fellow members, the buyer – not the seller – should initiate transactions between members.

What is the cost?
Contact Bill Collier for more information:  bill @ or 314-221-8558.

How do I apply?
Call or email and indicate your interest. We’ll contact you to gather information and to discuss attending an upcoming meeting as a guest.